Jeffery Taylor made his debut with Real Madrid last Sunday in a blowout win over Iberostar Tenerife (112-89). Taylor had been sidelined since the first week of the pre-season due to muscle problems in a leg.

The Swedish American player recorded 9 points (4/6 FG, 0/2 FT) over 13 minutes. “I was a little rusty because I didn’t play in a long time. So it was nice to get out there. It will only get better as I get more confortable”, he said after the game.

“It feels good (to be back). Maybe I practiced three times with the team. So we haven’t got to play a lot together. The more time that goes by, we will get more confortable and it will only get better”.

The former Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets player admitted there were times when he felt “frustrated” about not being able to play. “It is frustrating watching the team and not being a part of the game. Specially when you come to a new team. It didn’t feel good. I was anxious to play and I’m happy I got to do it”, he added.

“Taylor still has lots to do. He was out and working away from the team and he has not been with us for long. We have seen things he can contribute in defence and attack. Now he needs to get into game form», Real Madrid coach Pablo Laso said in the press conference.

Taylor revealed the plan is for him to swing between the small forward and shooting guard positions, given his versatility. “I’m very athletic. I can play defense on a lot of different positions. On offense, if somebody is smaller than me I can post up”.