Jordi Bertomeu sat down with journalist Marc Mundet in a special interview for this website. The Euroleague CEO gave an overview of the state of the competition months ahead of the start of the groundbreaking 2016/17 season.

Here is an extract from the interview, available in Spanish here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

On the new Euroleague format

“A new mentality is needed among the teams because we’re not running a competition anymore. Now we’re running a League.”

“Between quality and tension we’ve chosen quality. We will have plenty of good games, and if there’s quality you won’t miss the tension. Furthermore, in a 30-round League there could be up to fourteen teams with a good chance to make the playoffs. That’s 80% of the field.”

“It’s not set in stone, but it will become more and more evident that in the future there will be promotions and relegations (in the Euroleague). That way the Eurocup will integrate in the Euroleague. When will this happen, we don’t know though.”

On the NBA ‘stealing’ players from Euro teams

“We are concerned, indeed. We must evaluate the whole situation. There’s a clubs meeting scheduled in early September with this only purpose. We need to ask ourselves, how many left [for the NBA] for a lot of money and came back being worse players? A lot. Two years from now we’ll be talking about the players that have come back.”

“We need to reconsider (homegrown and overseas) quotas. Quotas make us less competitive. The NBA has no quotas. Players face no restriction at all when they want to go there, but we do keep them. It’s free market versus protectionism. And the latter never works. When the NBA signs a new player, another one has to leave. So if, for instance, they sign thirty new players, another thirty have to leave, but you can only bring two (to Europe) out of those thirty due to league restrictions and quotas. It’s absurd! We’ve never been able to compete financially (with the NBA). So, if we can’t compete financially, why do we impose rules that make us less competitive?”

“We need to work together and address this situation. This will change us. If until now you had to pay 1 to take a player away maybe in the future you’ll have to pay 5. We must move on and be ready for next summer.”

On the next Final Four

“We would like to announce the next two Final Four host cities at the same time, but one of them is kind of delaying us. We’re still on time. We would like to do it as soon as possible but it’s not in my hands.”

On Turkey’s political turmoil

“We are worried. Istanbul has been hit by several terrorist attacks and Turkey is going through a difficult political situation. We’ll see how this evolves. At this point we are not considering taking any kind of action with games that are supposed to be held in Turkey. And from a business standpoint, it remains to be seen if and how the political instability impacts the economy. And the same applies to Brexit.”