EJDN had the chance to interview Nicolas Batum after last Sunday’s Hornets-Heat game in Miami. The French player was aware of the controversy generated by a Le Monde article that may suggest Pau Gasol is taking PED (performance-enhancing drugs) to improve his game. “I didn’t read the article and I don’t know why they wrote that a week after the Eurobasket was over. I can’t say something about it because I didn’t read it. I don’t think Pau is doping, anyway. He’s been playing like this his all career, so…”

The Spanish Basketball Federation and the Spain’s High Council for Sport are suing Le Monde for the article. Batum just hopes “everything will be fine in the end”.

Regarding their heated rivalry with Spanish players, Batum said: “We respect a lot each other. That’s why those France-Spain games are so intense, like a war. We don’t hate each other, because we know they’re a great team and I think they know we are too. We know we are the two best teams in Europe. We met only once in a final [2011], but France-Spain should be the final every year”.