Real Madrid have just started their Euroleague season. With some valuable additions and no significant losses other than defensive specialist Marcus Slaughter, the defending champions are also the heavy favorites to win it all again, according to many betting sites.

They top the Euroleague in another category: NBA experience. Six Whites’ players had a stint in the best League in the World: Andrés Nocioni (Bulls, Kings, Sixers), Sergio Rodríguez (Blazers, Kings, Knicks), Rudy Fernández (Blazers, Nuggets), Gustavo Ayón (Hornets, Magic, Bucks, Hawks), Jeff Taylor (Bobcats/Hornets) and Trey Tompkins (Clippers). And that’s enough to beat every other Euroleague team in NBA seasons/games played, despite last summer’s big signings by Turkish and Russian clubs (Shved, Antic, Udoh, Datome…).

Take a look at the following list.

Euroleague teams sorted by NBA experience